Tuesday, January 26, 2010

24's Jack Bauer to get an Apple tablet?

On Wednesday afternoon, the internet will stop to monitor every word of Steve Jobs' Apple keynote in California, where he is due to deliver the specs of his company's hotly anticipated new tablet computer. Reports are out that media and book publishers have been playing and testing the iTablet/iSlate/iPad for some time now, but a new beta tester may be in the running to beta test Jobs' new toy: 24's Jack Bauer. has picked up on a couple of Twitter messages by Rodney Charters, the director of photography on Fox's 24:

Hmmmm looks like we may get an iSlate into Jacks hands for Ep 20 getting giddy with excitement
Got a bit too excited probably more likely Episode 22 but Apple provided fingers crossed

Giddy with excitement? Perspective might dictate a reminder; after all, this is just a glorified product placement.