Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bradley Cooper is ring shopping!

What started out as a summer fling may end with a quickie engagement ring! According to an insider, after dating for just six months, Renée Zellweger and boyfriend Bradley Cooper are planning to walk down the aisle. “Bradley has fast-tracked the romance and he’s ready to get married,” explains the insider, who adds that a wedding will take place sooner than later. In fact, the Hangover star is so eager to tie the knot, that before appearing on Late Show with David Letterman on January 7, Bradley took the time to shop for a ring in New York. “He already has a setting he likes, but he visited various jewelers on 47th Street, including I. Friedman & Son, to look for a stone,” the insider reveals. The actor even went alone so he wouldn’t draw attention to himself. “He wore a hat and dark glasses and just walked right in.” The couple, who have each been married before, may be moving fast, but that doesn’t mean that Bradley, 35, won’t pop the question in a traditional way. “He is old-fashioned,” the insider says. “He’ll probably get down on one knee and propose in a romantic setting — and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was on Valentine’s Day.”

Blind Item about the "couple":

This actress is expecting a very special gift of jewelry soon from her actor boyfriend. After all, they’ve been dating for a while, they’ve met each other’s families, and they each get more press together than either one would get alone. So, it’s reasonable to expect that an engagement ring would be forthcoming, right? Um, yes, but not to her. The engagement ring is going to his very special boyfriend, who has been forced to lurk in the shadows for several years now. Oh, our actress might get a ring too, but although the jewelry may be real, all involved are very clear that the hetero sentiment is totally fake. Yes, she knows all about the other guy, and she knows that she plays a distant second to him, but she also really loves how the fake relationship boosts her image and her income. We personally think that a three-stone ring would be most appropriate. Not to symbolize their pas, present and future love for each other, but to symbolize all three of the people in the relationship.