Saturday, January 9, 2010

Charlize Theron Ready For Motherhood

Could we soon be adding Charlize Theron to our list of favorite famous moms-to-be?

It sounds as though the Oscar-winner, who has been dating actor Stuart Townsend for 9 years, is gearing up for motherhood.

"I feel very blessed to have had a certain amount of success and now I'm reaching the point where I would love to be a mom," Charlize says. "I know I want to raise a big family and it's just a question of time - I know I'm ready for that phase of my life and I know that Stuart is the man I want to take that step with."
Of the lasting love she's found with Stuart, she says, "What holds us together is great love, great respect, and great friendship - we're lucky in that we've discovered a way of enjoying our time together and being happy. Even after nine years, we're still completely crazy about each other."