Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Emma Rotherham is Tiger Woods Alleged British Mistress

When everybody thought Tiger Woods’ alleged mistress countdown was over, life takes an unfaithful turn, it looks like now our dear golfer went overseas. Who is this alleged mistress? Why didn’t she come out before? Was she receiving money? Keep reading to know all the details of the latest sandal on Tiger Woods’ alleged mistresses’ newest member, plus photos below.

News about Tiger Woods’ most recent mistress - Emma Rotherham, a British 42 year old woman and mother of two young ladies (16 and 25 years old), who like other mistresses met Tiger at a night club in Orlando in 2008.

Emma allegedly had a sexual relationship with Tiger several times even when he was trying to make things better with Elin.

Emma lived near his house in Florida, so she could get to him as soon as he called her. Emma and Tiger allegedly had sex without protection and while using Ambien (a muscle relaxant, treats insomnia, brain disorders and as a anticonvulsant) some side effects of Ambien are hallucinations, amnesia to name a few, we heard Tiger taking some kind of drug to spice up his sex life with his mistresses a few weeks ago as well.

When Tiger went out of of town for a tournament, he had Emma stay at the same hotel he did just rooms away so she could sneak into his room. Emma was constantly in contact by phone call and text messages with the golfer. In an effort to hide his relationship with Rotherham, after his car accident, Emma was taken to a hotel and some cash to stay there in hiding in case some media were after her, all this was done by Tiger’s staff and under his instructions. His staff requested Emma to give them her phone after giving her roughly $50,000 to keep her mouth shut, she took the money, but didn’t give them the phone.

Do you think that this is the last we will be hearing from her? I guess not, perhaps we will be hearing more than we wish to, and pretty soon.

Will this latest scandal delay Tiger’s comeback? I guess that only time will tell, we will be waiting, and watching carefully. Just so you know, Emma Rotherham will make her mistress number 19 in Tiger’s harem.

Take a look at the photos and the video below.