Saturday, January 23, 2010

Leonardo DiCaprio Donates $1 Million to Haiti Relief

Leonardo DiCaprio has donated $1 million to relief efforts in Haiti, earning the admiration of President Clinton, who said in a statement, "I am grateful for the generous gift Leonardo DiCaprio and his Foundation have made in support of our Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. Combined with the outpouring of donations from Americans and citizens around the world of all means, this support will go a long way to help save more lives, reach more people with emergency assistance, and help the Haitian people build their nation back stronger and more secure than it was before the earthquake."

DiCaprio's donation, made through the Leonardo DiCaprio Fund, was intended for both immediate relief efforts and long-term redevelopment of the earthquake-damaged country, according to his reps.

The gesture caught the attention of President George W. Bush as well. "I salute Leonardo DiCaprio for his extraordinary generosity," he said. "This donation sends a clear message to the people of Haiti that America's commitment to helping rebuild their country is strong. I thank Leo for setting a wonderful example for all Americans of helping a neighbor in need."

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation was created in 1998 to raise awareness of environmental issues by participating with nonprofit organizations and through the website