Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nicole Kidman Hires Angelina Jolie's Manager

EXCLUSIVE: There can be no doubt in anybody's mind that Nicole Kidman's career is in deep, deep trouble. That's because, even though she's talented and used to make $16M-$17M for a lead role in a major studio movie, she's become poison at the box office -- the female equivalent of Sean Penn (but with botox...). So it's very understandable that she now feels the need for more career guidance. I've learned that Nicole has made a major change in her representation: she's become a client of Angeline Jolie's manager Guyer Kosinski of Media Talent Group.

Kidman, who just in July shook up her PR representation by firing her publicist of 15 years PMK/HBH's Catherine Olim, hasn't had a manager since her early days as an actress. She was with Mark Epstein (quite the character) until her career really took off and she went solely with CAA. Kidman is a longtime CAA client, first with Rick Nicita, then with Kevin Huvane. But is history about to repeat itself?

Because what's interesting here is that Kosinski took Angelina away from CAA. Before Jolie went to CAA in March 2005, she was represented by just the manager. When the pair decided she needed an agent, she met with every major tenpercentery in town, then chose CAA. But then Kosinski yanked her from the agency in April 2006 after she'd spent only 13 months there. Kosinski is known to be very controlling, very secretive, very involved with his clients' lives (and hates talking to the media). I'm really interested to see what happens next...