Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Elisabetta Canalis: Doomed By Jealousy?

Always under the watchful eye of the paparazzi with his leading lady, tabloids have claimed that George Clooney may dump his girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis due to jealousy issues.

The Italian beauty Elisabetta apparently gets incredibly mad when her man spends too much time talking to the opposite sex.

“Elisabetta is crazy about George and she gets very possessive when George pays too much attention to another woman,” a source said. “When other women get too close to him she always slips her hand around his arm as if to say, ‘He’s mine!’”

Canalis was furious at George when Julianna Margulies stopped to hug him on the way to the stage at a recent event. “You could almost see the smoke coming out of Elisabetta’s ears,” said the insider. “She was not happy about George standing up and hugging her in front of everyone.”

“If Elisabetta can’t understand that George is buddies with plenty of women, including his old girlfriends, their relationship is doomed. Elisabetta doesn’t understand that his friends are just that and she has nothing to worry about.”