Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jennifer Aniston: I am a late bloomer

With hits like Marley & Me and He's Just Not That Into You behind her, Hollywood beauty Jennifer Aniston, who turned 41 recently, is enjoying the time of her life.

But the Friends star says it took her some time to figure out about herself.

Aniston said her 30s were tough. She married actor Brad Pitt in 2000 but they split in 2005 and Brad went on to date Angelina Jolie, whom he is still with. Pitt and Jolie met while working
on Mr And Mrs Smith when Pitt was still married to Aniston.

"The thirties were kind of a challenge quite frankly and I'm ready for the next one! Life is full and I'm just a late bloomer," Aniston told Sky Movies in an interview.

"Some people take their twenties to figure out who they are and I think I did more of that in my thirties because fame stunts your growth in some way," the actress said. The actress will next be seen opposite Gerard Butler, her rumoured boyfriend, in romantic drama The Bounty Hunter.