Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Johnny Depp on co-star Angelina

Johnny Depp is highly impressed with Angelina Jolie - calling her a "real doll".
The Alice In Wonderland star is filming The Tourist in Venice with Angelina, who also has Brad Pitt and their six children in tow.
"I'd never met Angelina before but I found her to be a real treat, I mean a real doll - she's a nice woman, serious about what she does and loves her man and loves her kids; I was very impressed," Depp told the Daily Mirror.

The actor credited the two children he has with long term girlfriend Vanessa Paradis with putting a halt to his wild ways.

During his hellraising years, he was arrested in New York after smashing up a hotel suite and also got in trouble with London police after reportedly threatening photographers with a plank of wood.

He said: "I'm much calmer than I was years ago and that has a lot to do with raising a family, so my kids have calmed me 100 per cent. It's been a calming influence just to be able to have that special time with my kids."

:: Alice In Wonderland is released on March 5.