Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Julia Roberts Talking About Possible Guest Starring Role On Glee

As an old friend of Sue Slyvester!

In even more “Glee” guest news, the cast was talking with the Dish about the possibility of none other than Ms. Julia Roberts possibly making a guest appearance on their now-Globes-and-SAG-Award-winning show! Series creator Ryan Murphy just directed Julia in the big screen adaptation of Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat Pray Love.” Matt Morrison seemed to think it was a definite likely possibility. But Cory Monteith joked to me that the show, “isn’t ‘The Love Boat.’” But the real clincher of confirmations came from both Lea Michele and Jane Lynch. Lea told the Dish that Julia came up to Ryan’s table at the Golden Globes, and was pitching him ideas and said, “Ryan, I think I need to be on your show!” Then Jane confirmed the story. So there you have it folks, the idea came from Julia’s mouth herself!