Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kathy Griffin Had Lunch With Anderson Cooper's Mom

New Year's countdown cohorts Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper are getting so close they're almost like family.

Griffin has even met Mr. Silver Fox's mom, jill-of-all-trades socialite Gloria Vanderbilt…

"The best part this year was like at 12:31, as soon as we finished, his mom called and wanted to meet me," Griffin told me yesterday at the Grammys. "I went to the house for lunch—just me and Gloria freakin' Vanderbilt."

Griffin pooh-poohed the rumors that she's now been blacklisted by the news network because of her potty mouth.

"I'm not banned," she insisted. "They normally don't call me for that gig until November anyway.

"I love that job," she continued. "I love the Anderson Cooper. I know you do, too. Everybody wants him."

If only we could hear what they say to each other when the cameras aren't rolling. Griffin said, "During the commercial breaks, we just turn around and watch—and talk about things like J.Lo's outfit."

Although Kathy Griffin lost out on best comedy album during the Grammy Awards held Sunday in Los Angeles, the comedienne, 49, would gladly swap lives with Jessica Simpson – even though she’s unlucky in love and gets bullied for weight woes.

“I don’t think Jessica Simpson has a void, I swear to God,” she says. “I think that whole thing is like Jennifer Aniston, when they try to act like she’s all pitiful. I think Jessica Simpson’s doing just fine. I would switch places with her in a heartbeat.”

Does she ever feel bad about taking potshots at superstars?

“No, because it’s all comedy,” she tells me. “You have to. When I look at the comedians that I like and admire and make me laugh, they’re the ones that go there.”

Any tips for Ellen DeGeneres, who is judging American Idol beginning next week?

“Well, Ellen should be honest and forthright and witty, so I’m anxious to see if she’s able to be really nice and sweet all the time on live TV – especially when any of those kids are stinking up the stage ‘cause let’s face it – they’re not all Kelly Clarkson. Sometimes there’s some clunkers, and she’s going to have to be like the Cash for Clunkers program for American Idol. Every so often, she’s going to have to be honest and say ‘you suck’ in some nice, friendly Ellen way.”