Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lloyd Webber: ‘Brightman Isn't The Marrying Sort’

SIR ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER is convinced his ex-wife SARAH BRIGHTMAN should never walk down the aisle again – because she isn’t the “marrying sort”.

The theatre impresario wed the famed soprano in 1984 after they met when Brightman auditioned for a role in his hit musical Cats.

They split after six years, and Webber, who is still on friendly terms with his former partner, is adamant the break-up was for the best – because twice-wed Brightman can’t settle down.

He tells Britain’s Daily Mail, “It was clear pretty quickly that she was not someone who was going to make a huge home.

“Sarah is a gypsy. She shouldn’t marry anyone because she’s not the marrying sort. Her world is performing, travelling. She wants to get around, always did, and I have to say she’s achieved in spades everything she wanted to and more.”