Saturday, February 27, 2010

Marion Cotillard: Cesar Awards Sweetheart

Spending the day on the red carpet, Marion Cotillard attended the Cesar Film Awards ceremony in Paris, France on Saturday (February 27).

Prettying up the Theatre du Chatelet venue, the French actress dazzled as she hit the stage for presenter duties during the annual movie showcase.

Having been busy as of late boosting interest in her homeland ahead of the recent release of her movie “Nine,” Marion spoke with press about the struggles of fame.

The Oscar-winning actress tells, “The public talks about stars. But when you’re working you’re simply someone who’s working, working with passion and sometimes with anxiety.”

Then asked why so few thespians have made their way into Hollywood stardom out of the French market, Miss Cotillard tells, “I believe this is because we’re one of the rare European countries to have a hugely rich and diverse film industry.”