Friday, March 19, 2010

Ellen Arranges $30,000 Scholarship for Gay Teen in Small-Town Prom Flap

Two things we know about Ellen DeGeneres: She's gay and she loves to dance.

So when she heard about Mississippi teen Constance McMillen, whose senior prom was canceled after she caused a stir by planning to wear a tux and go with another girl, DeGeneres took action.

During an appearance on Ellen Friday, McMillen was presented with a $30,000 scholarship from, which also offered the 18-year-old an internship this summer.

"It's always easy to be quiet," DeGeneres told her. "Especially when you know that somebody might tell you no or it's going to cause a scene. I love that you're not trying to do anything other than go to prom. That's what everyone deserves to do. Go to prom, it's a big deal."

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