Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jennifer Aniston: Big Apple Promotional Princess

Hot on the promotional trail, Jennifer Aniston was spotted arriving at her New York City Hotel on Sunday morning (March 14).

Looking lovely, the former "Friends" star happened to be out for a press junket to boost interest in her upcoming movie, "The Bounty Hunter".

In the film, Jen plays an investigative journalist named Nicole Hurley who jumped bail to chase a story - which leads to her being pursued by her bounty hunting ex-husband Milo Boyd, who is played by Gerard Butler.

Of pulling of the many stunts in the new flick, Jen recently told press: "I was dumped into a trunk, I ran for miles and miles in four-inch Manolos, I got covered in pond scum, gun shots, car chases, crashes. It was so much fun."

The lovely actress added: "The toughest stunt, I would say the car chase, getting shot at, it wasn't hard, it was just a little scary."