Monday, March 8, 2010

Jennifer Aniston Perfume Line - Gerard Butler Fatherhood Thoughts?

Jennifer Aniston is reportedly working on a new perfume while rumored love interest Gerard Butler ponders what life would be like as a father. While that should be enough to please some that want a baby for Jennifer, let's start with her possible line of perfume that has been reported.

According to reports, the rumored fragrance is to be called Aniston. The 41-year-old star has allegedly been working on the perfume for the past 20 months but 'has yet to get 100 percent behind any name'.


However, the source added that 'the one she favors is Aniston'. Bosses were said to be not too keen on that name - while another suggestion, Echo, was also refused.

A source said: "It's all about capturing the idea of romance and freedom at any age, but it's hard to do that in just one word. "Jen wants to unleash some really glamorous commercials on TV."


More celebrity news...Part time Aniston boyfriend and highly sought-after bachelor Gerard Butler is not sure about fatherhood. The Bounty star and rumored male companion of Jennifer said he is concerned acting could get in the way of being there for a family.

Digital reports Butler told a magazine: "Some days I think it would be great, but other days I don't because my job takes me all over the place. I wouldn't necessarily be around for them that much. But I can definitely imagine it happening one day. I love being an uncle and I get on well with kids."

According to, Butler was raised primarily by his mother after his parents divorced. Butler, who is signed on as producer for The Hanging Tale this year, said last November that he considered getting more serious about a relationship when he turned 40.