Monday, March 8, 2010

Tina Fey Plans To Fix Justin Bieber's Bangs For 'Saturday Night Live'

'I'm gonna push those bangs out of his face,' Fey joked about their April 10 stint as host and musical guest.

In what seems like the perfect pairing for the "Saturday Night Live" stage, Tina Fey will be back to host the April 10 show, and she'll be joined by teen phenom Justin Bieber, who's been tapped as that week's musical guest. While Fey didn't reveal any skit plans to MTV News on the red carpet at the Academy Awards on Sunday, she did reveal some of her grooming plans for the young singer.

"I'm gonna pick him up like this," she said, swinging her arms as if she were holding a baby. "And I'm gonna push those bangs out of his face like this [licks her finger], like a mother."

All joking aside, Fey is looking forward to working with Bieber. "No, I'm excited," she added. "I like people who can really sing and I think he can really sing."

Meanwhile, Bieber tweeted that he'd like a certain action hero to join him on the show, writing, "Me and Chuck Norris should do SNL together. That would be good. Very good." For her part, Fey wouldn't confirm or deny that she'd re-emerge on the "SNL" set as Sarah Palin. "Well, I'm sure we'll try," she speculated. "We always try at 'SNL.' You have read-throughs and you have dress [rehearsal] and we'll see if anything sticks."

Perhaps Bieber and Fey's Palin could meet up in a digital short. Bieber seems liked he'd be down to do anything in one of those. He tweeted, "Shoutout to @BieberOnSNL and all the other fans who support me. It's happening! SNL in APRIL!! Digital Short Music Vid??"