Monday, April 12, 2010

Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy "Just Stopped Working"

Jim Carrey and his girlfriend Jenny McCarthy decided to call time on their five-year romance because they were "no longer hitting their stride" — insiders say.

The pair took to Twitter last week to announce the news they had split.

And sources insist there is absolutely no animosity between Jim and Jenny — their break-up was fairly simple and the duo will always remain friends.

"Jenny said it became very Jerry McGuire-esque, in the sense that she had this great guy, and he loved her kid, but they were no longer hitting their stride," the pal told America’s OK! magazine.

"She said when she and Jim worked, they worked — and when they stopped working, it was done, just like that.

"She just looked at him and was like, ‘You love me like a family member that’s never going anywhere, not like a woman who you can’t wait to make love to’.

"Jim just stared at her for a minute before admitting that he was in love with Jenny and her son Evan as a package, but he couldn’t get his mind right, he wanted to, but somewhere along the way, he lost it.

"Jim sees Evan every day. Even though he and Jenny are totally and 100 percent over romantically, they’ll be friends forever."