Sunday, August 1, 2010

Oksana's Music Video was a hint to what was coming!

Oksana's music video "Beautiful Heartache" which was directed by Mel Gibson was a hint at what was to come one year later...

Not only did Mel Gibson pay for the production of the video, but he directed it and had a hand in the lyrics – which bear an eerie similarity to the side of him revealed during the infamous audio tapes.

At one point Grigorieva is seen in a blonde wig, pinned up against a wall while her male co-star throws knives at her head.

“Yes, I would do anything…commit any crime…if I could spend the night with you,” Grigorieva sings.

“There is no chance I wouldn’t take, no rule I wouldn’t break… There are no lies I wouldn’t tell, no possessions I wouldn’t sell. No chains I wouldn’t wear, no cross I wouldn’t bear.”

Later in the video Grigorieva is playing the piano and it suddenly bursts into flames. In the fourth audio tape released by, Gibson is heard telling Grigorieva: “I’ll burn the goddamn house up, but blow me first!”

Another song on Grigorieva’s album may have been a cry for help. In her song Evening With Daddy she sings:

“I wish I wasn’t spending the evening with Daddy, and I don’t have a penny to call my own. I wish I wasn’t spending the evening with Daddy, but he’s good to the ladies who’s on his arm. I wish I was somewhere in Russia at the feet of my mother, safe from harm.”