Friday, September 3, 2010

Eminem wants to be The Riddler in Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film

The rumors surrounding Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film have been incessant ever since The Dark Knight came out and blew everybody away. At various times, it seems like the next “villain” would be Catwoman, and the casting for that was extremely messy. But then the rumors swung over to the idea that the new villain would be The Riddler. Nolan’s association with (Heath Ledger-esque) Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Inception seemed to lead people to think that Nolan was considering JGL for a role. This may be true - it’s one of the most recent rumors, and I think it might have the most weight. But, according to The National Enquirer,

JGL isn’t a shoo-in by any measure. Apparently, Nolan is looking at both JGL and Johnny Depp, and now Eminem wants a screen test for the role as well:

After seven weeks of topping the charts with his “Recovery” album, almighty-whitey rapper EMINEM – itching to dominate movie screens again and repeat the critical kudos he won with biopic “8 Mile” – rapped to his reps: “When it comes to business, you know I ain’t no fiddler…You tell them Batman biggies, I wanna play ‘The Riddler!’”

Will Eminem nail a big-screen comeback deal – or get a screen test, at least?

Producers are piqued at the prospect of a Rappin’ Riddler, but Slim Shady’s facing stiff competition – execs are also confab-ing with JOHNNY DEPP and red-hot “Inception” star JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT. Stay tuned.

[From The National Enquirer]

Eminem has dressed up in strange superhero costumes in his videos a few times - does that count as a screen test? Probably not. Judging from Nolan’s previous work, The Riddler will not be some cartoony jokester in a bright spandex onesie. He’ll probably some cold, murderous psychotic who likes horrible, terrible riddles involving body parts and chainsaws. Can Eminem go that dark? Sure. And Em is very popular, and I can see why it might be a good story, you know? But I doubt the veracity of it. First of all, Em seems very focused on his sobriety right now, and he seems super-cautious of taking on any project that might instigate a relapse. Considering the last dude who played a villain for Christopher Nolan is now dead, Em might not want the role. Secondly, I think JGL has it in the bag. Truly.

source: celebitchy