Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Interview with The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Andy Cohen

Why do you think the 'Jersey' show is the most popular?
I think people love the women, the drama and the family dynamic.

Who is your favorite housewife. Who do you hang out with?
I really don't have a favorite. I love them all and see them all out and about.

How do you decide whom to invite back. Is it all focus groups?
It is dictated usually by what they have going on in their lives and with each other.

The 'Housewives of DC' doesn't seem to have the same buzz as the others. What's your honest take on it?
I am so excited about the 'DC Housewives.' It surprises me every week because it touches on issues previously unseen in the franchise -- race, politics, genealogy, DC society and hierarchy. There's a really compelling and surprising debate about gay marriage coming up.

Some people complain there are too many 'Housewife' franchises out there, and that Bravo is diluting the brand. What would you say?
Actually, the brand has never been more popular, and we are very careful about where and how we expand it.

Why did Bravo pass on the gay housewife idea that another network (Logo) has picked up on?
It didn't interest us.

Which housewife calls you to complain the most?
I take the fifth.

Are you team Jill or Bethenny?
I am team everybody. They're both amazing.

Which housewife do you think leaks the most stories to the press?
I think the New York women run the leakiest ship in town, but they live and breathe in the center of the media universe, so they're way more exposed to the press on a daily basis.

Do all the housewives earn the same? How much?
They all do well for themselves.