Thursday, September 9, 2010

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis to star in English film My American Lover

Vanessa Paradis is going to be playing opposite her husband Johnny Depp in the romance movie “My American Lover”. Though it was already revealed this summer that the movie was being put together, Paradis offered the press some more insight about “American Lover” in which she portrays feminist writer Simone De Beauvoir and Depp, her lover Nelson Algren.

Paradis tells WENN: “They’re still writing the script but the idea would be amazing because it’s such a beautiful story. You only know when you’re really actually shooting.

“We’ve had plenty of opportunities to work together. But I don’t know that I could do it… It’s something that we don’t look for, otherwise it would’ve happened many times.

“‘My American Lover’ came along and it might happen just because the story is great and why not if we can, but we don’t push things. Playing in front of one of the best actors in the world that we have and someone I know so well will be challenging.”