Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jon Stewart on Oprah

Summary of 30 minute interview:
-He is ready to travel back in time with Oprah
-Talks about the rally
-They discuss recent headlines: mosque in NY, immigration laws, gun rights
-Oprah gets tears of laughter
-Oprah demands to be invited to The Daily Show - and gets it!
-Jon's book 'Earth' is one of Oprah's favorite things (GO GET IT!)
-Jon claims his family secretly fights crime - calls parenthood 'an amazing opportunity to ruin someone from scratch' lol
-Jon wears his classic gray shirt/khaki pants combo to teach a media class at NYU
-Wife Tracey reveals something unknown about Jon
-"Jon Stewart will never run for public office. Yay not nay."
-Gaga is wearing Jon's sandwich

Part 1

part 2

Part 3

Credit: andi88