Thursday, September 23, 2010

Modern Family Covers Entertainment Weekly

TV’s funniest (and Emmy-winning) comedy is back, and what better way to celebrate than with three special Modern Family collectors’ covers — one for each couple. But does the cast kiss-and-tell about the hotly-anticipated lip-lock between Cameron and Mitchell in the Sept. 29 episode? You bet they do!

We were on the set as they shot the big scene, and spoke to the smooching stars, Eric Stonestreet (Cameron) and Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell). Was it, in fact, a response to “Let Cam & Mitchell kiss!” Facebook page that sprang up in May? “It’s nice that people care so much, but it kind of bums me out in that now it looks like we’re doing something because somebody begged us to or pressured us to,” says Stonestreet. “The [writers] wanted to tell a good story and not just make a moment out of it. It should just be normal, natural, and sweet, and done in a really great way, which is how they’re doing it.” Ferguson agrees: “I thought it was really sweet that the fans were so avid about the show and wanted to see that happen….That being said, it’s not a Choose Your Own Adventure type of show. We have amazing writers. And we’re not just going to give the fans whatever they want to see.”

Among the things fans will see this season: an earthquake, Cameron in a disturbing pair of bicycle shorts, a female ex-flame of Mitchell’s, and a guest starring spot from Nathan Lane.

Source: Entertainment Weekly