Sunday, September 26, 2010

Most Powerful People in Film 2010

Here is the Top 50 Most Powerful People in Film, according

1) James Cameron
Director: Avatar, Titanic

2) Steven Spielberg
Director: Saving Private Ryan, Jurassic Park, ET: The Extra Terrestrial
Producer: Letters From Iwo Jima, Flags of Our Fathers

3) Leonardo DiCaprio
Actor: Inception, Shutter Island, Titanic

4) John Lasseter
Director: Toy Story, Toy Story 2
Chief creative officer: Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios

5) Brad Pitt
Actor: Inglourious Basterds, The Assassination of Jesse James by the
Coward Robert Ford
Producer: Kick-Ass, A Mighty Heart, The Departed

6) Christopher Nolan
Director: Inception, The Dark Knight

7) Scott Rudin
Producer: No Country for Old Men, The Queen, The Truman Show

8) Quentin Tarantino
Director: Inglourious Basterds, Pulp Fiction

9) George Clooney
Actor: Michael Clayton, Ocean's Eleven
Director: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Good Night, and Good Luck

10) Ed Vaizey
Politician: Minister for culture, communications and creative industries

11) Johnny Depp
Actor: Alice in Wonderland, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sleepy Hollow
Producer: Hugo Cabret, The Rum Diary

12) Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner
Producers: Pride & Prejudice, United 93, Love Actually; co-chairmen of
Working Title

13) JJ Abrams
Creator: Lost
Director: Mission: Impossible III, Star Trek
Producer: Cloverfield

14) Alan F Horn and Jeff Robinov
Studio executives: President and Chief Operating Officer of Warner
Bros, and President of Warner Bros Pictures

15) Ridley Scott
Director: Robin Hood, Gladiator, Blade Runner

16) Tom Rothman and Jim Gianopulos
Studio executives: Co-chairmen of Fox Filmed Entertainment

17) Tim Burton
Director: Alice in Wonderland, Sweeney Todd, Sleepy Hollow

18) Angelina Jolie
Actor: Salt, Changeling, A Mighty Heart

19) Brad Grey
Studio executive: chief executive of Paramount Pictures

20) Martin Scorsese
Director: Shutter Island, The Departed, Gangs of New York

21) Aaron Sorkin
Creator: The West Wing
Writer: The Social Network

22) Amy Pascal and Jeff Blake
Studio executives: Co-chair of Sony Pictures Entertainment, and
vice-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment

23) Jeffrey Katzenberg,
Studio executive: Chief executive of Dreamworks Animation

24) Peter Jackson,
Director: King Kong, The Lord of the Rings trilogy
Producer: District 9, The Adventures of Tintin

25) Bob Iger and Richard Ross
Studio executives: Chief executive of Walt Disney Co, and chairman of
Walt Disney Studios

26) Sacha Baron Cohen
Actor: Borat, BrĂ¼no, Hugo Cabret

27) David Heyman
Producer: Harry Potter, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Yes Man

28) Adam Fogelson
Studio executive: Chairman of Universal Pictures

29) Kate Winslet
Actor: The Reader, Revolutionary Road, Titanic

30) Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson
Producers: Goldeneye, Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace

31) Danny Boyle
Director: Slumdog Millionaire, 28 Days Later, Trainspotting

32) Graham King
Producer: Hugo Cabret, The Departed, Traffic

33) Tessa Ross
Commissioning executive: Controller of film and drama, Channel 4

34) Ryan Kavanaugh
CEO: Relativity Media

35) Joel Coen and Ethan Coen
Director-Writer-Producers: No Country for Old Men, Fargo, The Big Lebowski

36) Christine Langan
Commissioning executive: Creative director, BBC Films

37) Guillermo del Toro
Director: Hellboy, Pan's Labyrinth
Producer: The Orphanage

38) Keira Knightley
Actor: Never Let Me Go, Atonement, Pride & Prejudice

39) Harvey Weinstein and Bob Weinstein
Distributors: Co-chairmen of The Weinstein Company

40) Patrick Wachsberger
Studio executive: President, Summit Entertainment

41) Richard Curtis
Director: The Boat That Rocked, Love Actually
Writer: Notting Hill, Four Weddings and a Funeral

42) Ari Emanuel and Patrick Whitesell,
Co-CEO: William Morris Entertainment

43) Paul Greengrass
Director: United 93, The Bourne Ultimatum, Green Zone

44) Richard Lovett, Bryan Lourd and Kevin Huvane
Agents: President and managing-partners of Creative Artists Agency

45) Jerry Bruckheimer
Producer: Prince of Persia, Pirates of the Caribbean, Armageddon

46) Col Needham
Web Entrepreneur: Co-founder and general manager, Internet Movie Database

47) Jeff Berg
Agent: Chairman and Chief Executive, ICM

48) Andrew Macdonald
Producer: Never Let Me Go, Sunshine, Trainspotting

49) Stuart Ford
Sales Agent: Chief Executive, IM Global

50) Judd Apatow
Director: Funny People, Knocked Up
Producer: Superbad, Get Him to the Greek