Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stephen Fry admits to love affair with Hugh Laurie

Stephen Fry was on Radio 4's Front Row tother day promoting his new memoir and was asked if he'd ever crushed upon a certain toff.

Mark Lawson: You answer in the book a question I've never thought about really. It's an obvious one once you raise it, but you say you have never ever felt any erotic stirrings towards Hugh.

Stephen Fry: Yes.

Mark Lawson: You also suggest that your relationship would've been impossible if you had.

Stephen Fry: I think it would've been pretty embarrassing. I mean, you don't get much straighter than do get benter than me, but not by much. It would've been, I think, pretty odd. I doubt I would've kept it from him.

Mark Lawson: Did he ever ask?

Stephen Fry:, I don't think he did. That's a very good point. He is a very good looking man, he's very handsome, and a lot of people find him deeply attractive I know – I've seen some of the mail he gets, it's extraordinary. was good. But it was a love affair of another kind, and I think that's rather wonderful. It was a collaborative love affair if you like.