Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tom Cruise Admits Suffering Concussion

Cruise was in New York to support wife Katie Holmes at the premiere party of her new movie The Romantics at the Gansevoort Park Hotel last week, where was overheard telling LateNet host and comic Ray Ellin about his injury after Ellin begged Cruise to do a follow-up to the movie.

"I asked him if he'd do another, and he laughed and told me, 'No way, I got a concussion during that movie,' " Ellin explained to E! News. "He said his most physically demanding role was The Last Samurai and that he precision trained for five hours a day seven days a week for an entire year."

When Ellin suggested that Cruise could "play a coach," Cruise retorted, "No more football movies. Those guys were real players, they hit hard."