Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Alec Baldwin: "No One Tells A New Yorker They Can't Marry Jesse Tyler Ferguson."

If ya need any more reasons to be convinced that Alec Baldwin is one of the coolest guys out there, here's another: He not only supports gay marriage, but he's made a video about it. In the vid, the 30 Rock stars talks about a certain out gay Modern Family star...

"Lately, I've been getting emails, texts and yes, tweets about a video Jesse Tyler Ferguson that's made the rounds of the internet," Baldwin says. "On it, Jesse said he and I are getting married in New York next year."

With tongue firmly planted in his cheek, Baldwin continues, "As a result of this video, a vast and malicious whisper campaign has emerged that I can't marry Jesse because I'm not gay. I hear this behind my back on a daily basis, ‘Oh, Alec Baldwin, he's straight. He's a heterosexual. He likes women.' "

When a voice off camera is heard telling him that he is, indeed, straight, Baldwin says, "That's not the point" and then explains that the only reason he and Ferguson can't get hitched is because of a "group of state senators who decided last December that gay New Yorkers don't have the right to marry the man or the woman that they love."

Baldwin urges viewers to donate to to help "remove from office those senators who stand in the way of equality. "Because," he says, "no one tells a New Yorker they can't marry Jesse Tyler Ferguson."

Original video by JTF:

Source: eonline