Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mad Men's Christina Hendricks in Harper's Bazaar

For an actress frequently compared to Marilyn Monroe, Christina Hendricks looks rather gamine as she walks into Il Buco restaurant in New York's SoHo. She is wearing a black blouse, a pencil skirt, and a beret tilted just so on her flame-red hair, still glamorous from her Bazaar shoot the previous day. We are on what she calls "a lady date" in the restaurant where, a year ago, she married her husband, actor Geoffrey Arend. We sit under a painting of a fellow who looks like Paul Giamatti in John Adams—except with grapes. "Half of my friends posed under that painting," she says with a laugh, ordering off the menu by heart and asking for a "big, sparkly" glass of chilled red wine.

It's been a heady couple of years for Christina. Since she was cast as the imperiously sexy office manager Joan on Mad Men, she has given bold new meaning to "sexy secretary." Men love her—that's a given—but women love her more. She's a relief, because after years of endless bobbleheads on the red carpet, Christina's voluptuous figure (not to mention her total ease with herself) seems entirely remarkable. "Women hit on me," she chuckles. "My husband thinks it's so odd that so many women hit on me." Gay men too. "They say to me, 'Well, I'm not straight, but if I was…' I think it's so flattering."

Source: harpersbazaar