Sunday, October 24, 2010

Matt Damon Talks 'Bourne Legacy'

Matt Damon has been quoted by NY magazine’s Vulture airing his slight annoyance at the whole thing, and to be honest, I completely agree with him. Using the Bourne title and bringing in a new character isn’t exactly going to have fans rushing to the box office. People liked The Bourne Trilogy for three reasons: Matt Damon, Paul Greengrass and the fresh take on the spy genre.

“I found out they’re making another when somebody saw it on the Internet. Nobody bothered to call me. I’m not in it, but even so, they’ll work Bourne into the title I guess. Universal just wants to call everything the Bourne something. So I guess they are trying to make another franchise and as they say, ‘It isn’t over until it’s over.’”