Sunday, November 14, 2010

Other Actor That Could Have Played 'House'

'House' creator David Shore revealed that Laurie almost didn't play the doctor on the edge, as the part was initially offered to Gary Sinise. "He took the safer job, 'CSI: NY,' which was a guarantee. That was going to go on forever and we were going to be the Fox failure."

Other notable actors in the running included Rob Morrow, who went on to do 'Numb3rs,' and Patrick Dempsey. "Had we offered it to him, perhaps we wouldn't be on and 'Grey's Anatomy' wouldn't be on."

Now, Shore considers Hugh Laurie a friend, saying, "I've never worked with a leading actor who has as much love and respect for what I created as I do. If you ask Hugh what the most difficult part of the job is, he will still say the accent."

Source: tvsquad