Friday, January 22, 2010

Courtney Love wants to compare livers with Keith Richards

Courtney Love insists she and Rolling Stones rocker Keith Richards are healthy, despite being known for heaving drinking and drug use, and wants to compare livers with the guitarist to prove it.

The Hole singer - who, like the 66-year-old rocker, has a history of heavy drinking and drug use - would love to meet the Rolling Stones rocker so they can prove how healthy they are despite their rock 'n' roll lifestyles.
She said: "I wanna meet Keith Richards, I've never met him. I don't know what I'm gonna say to him, but I'm gonna touch his liver and I'm gonna let him touch my liver and it'll be awesome.
"I'm gonna make him lift up his shirt and I'm gonna say, 'Can I touch your liver?' And I'm gonna touch where his liver is and see if it's putrefied or something. I think we both must have incredibly healthy livers. We must!"
Courtney hopes to have her wish granted soon as the pair are planning to work together.
She revealed to NME magazine: "My friend is doing this Rogue's Gallery of sea shanties and I just found out today that I get to maybe sing this song with Keith. So I'm really excited."