Thursday, February 25, 2010

Colin Farrell: Tom Cruise is “A Really Good Bloke”

Giving his stamp of approval, Colin Farrell recently gushed his respect for fellow Hollywood box office stud Tom Cruise.

Having starred alongside Cruise in “Minority Report” back in 2002, Farrell confessed that he was a bit nervous at first - but the “Top Gun” stud quickly made him quite comfortable.

“First day of shooting, when we were doing Minority Report, I got so nervous. I was dying of nerves,” Colin explained. “But, then, you meet and talk to him and realize he’s just a normal guy living in ridiculous circumstances.”

Farrell adds, “OK, he doesn’t worry about mortgages and ‘can I pay for a new car?’, but he has the same natural concerns normal people have and he hurts in the same way. I mean, Tom Cruise is a really good bloke.”