Sunday, March 14, 2010

Michael Fassbender in March Vogue Italia

'It is true that today is really my birthday', Harriet Walter confess, versatile actress teatreale London, speaking of the shooting with the seductive tedensco-Irish Michael Fassbender, currently involved in the filming of "Knockout" directed by Steven Soderbergh, but returned from ' Centurion 'by Neil Marshall and' Jonah Hex 'Jimmy Hayward. 'Although I do not know him personally, it was not bad finish in his arms. "And always with irony:" He did not bat an eyelid in the A-moreggiare with an older woman and, what's a little trick because Bruce Webber wanted me naturally. Michael and as fascinating as he has a sense of humor. "Known by the great British public for his role in the TV series" Law & Order: UK ', and now in the film' The Young Victoria ', which she starred as Queen Adalaide. But in April will also dell'Oliviera auditorium on stage with the play 'Women Beware Women', in the role of a wealthy widow in love with a younger man. 'Nonostate has traveled around the world, I always go back to London, if you work in theater, and the best place to live'. He concludes, 'Give always nice surprises, like the pub where we took these photos'. Frederick Clare