Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Charlie Sheen Blames Allergic Reaction for Unruly Behavior

As an update to the earlier GossipCenter story on Charlie Sheen, his rep is now claiming that he had an allergic reaction which led to his hospitalization early this morning.

According to a report, Sheen “had an adverse allergic reaction to some medication” and “is expected to be released tomorrow.”

Unfortunately for the “Two and a Half Men” actor, the New York Post initially told the story that Sheen had been found intoxicated and naked after ransacking his Plaza Hotel room, and that’s why he was rushed to the hospital.

And TMZ added that Charlie was “emotionally disturbed” when he got to the hospital, so it stands to reason that the allergy story is nothing but a cover-up. Stay linked to GossipCenter for the latest on this story.

Source: celebrity-gossip